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International Back Office Resource Group Inc. is a service based entity that will provide Back office support, technical support and administrative support to companies engaged in trading of securities. The services that IBORG Inc. will provide are as follows:

  • Network administration including desktop, server, switch, router, desktop software (MS Office, Windows, etc.)
  • Provide monthly reconciliations for management
  • Assist in reconciliation between master trading account and brokerage statements on a daily and monthly basis
  • Assist in providing trader reconciliations for independent contractors
  • Assist in miscellaneous billing items (trading platform, market data, etc.)
  • Provide technical support and expertise for front-end trading applications
  • Provide support and expertise for trading algorithms
  • Monitor risk and exposure as required by the customer
  • Assist bookkeeper/accountants in reconciliation of exchange fee, regulatory fee and brokerage statement reconciliation
  • Maintain vendor master file.
  • Negotiate best possible pricing and payment terms with your vendors.
  • Classify vendor invoices to the proper G/L account.
  • Detailed and summary accounts payable aging reports when requested.
  • Reconcile vendor statements to the accounts payable ledger.
  • From your bank account, pay all of your approved vendor invoices by check, electronic check, EFT or wire transfer based upon the policies and procedures you establish.
  • Maintain an alphabetized file for both paid and un-paid bills.
  • Work with vendors directly to resolve any missing payment issues or to reconcile the account balance.
  • Reconciling due to / due from accounts between affiliated companies
  • Work with outside accounting firm to help with the preparation of un-audited, reviewed or compiled financial statements and management reports
  • Special financial reports and analysis as you request
  • Create and maintain reconciliation reports, spreadsheets to make sure all calculations are correct and spreadsheets balance and “tie” out.
  • Reconcile Investment spreadsheets to the main trading account
  • Make sure traders are paid out correctly.
  • Make sure traders are getting charged with the correct charges (which is all detailed in the clearing firms trading site).
  • Make sure that you are not hit with interest or other charges that might be in error.
  • Check spreadsheets to make sure all of the trader percentages add up
  • Work with you to establish personnel policies and procedures
  • Assist with establishment of vital processes to optimize efficiency of your firm
  • Creation and implementation of an employee guidelines manual.
  • Respond to all employee payroll and benefits inquiries.
  • Act as a liaison between your employees and your benefits administrators.
  • Preparing employee censuses needed by your benefits administrators.
  • Prepare necessary benefit paperwork for the termination of an employee.
  • Maintain the personnel files for all your employees.
  • Respond to requests for employment verification.

For additional information on IBORG Inc. services please use the Contact Us form above to request additional information. We look forward to serving you.